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The place to buy original art and sculpture by Ashley Wood! Check back, ill be updating here and there!

Happy new year!

Welcome to my new site, not finished and missing sections but i thought it would be cool to throw open the door on new years eve! Doesn't really work on mobile devices yet either, just a heads up!

Swing by now and then to see whats changed!




MAY 2014

T P and I are super excited to start out new ONGOING " THE BEAUTIFUL WAR " in May 2014 published by IDW. Some of you guys have waited years for this, 5 months is a cake walk!

Some drawings and stuff goign into my store soon

Im going to put some drawings and other stuff in my store soon, I have many friends that could be better off and want to help them this time of year! Ill give a heads up when they are posted!

Ashley Wood 3A calendar 2014

On-sale this friday at, 9-00am Hong Kong time, its 50 bucks ( that includes shipping worldwide ) as mentioned and is pre-printed for a mid December shipping so the stock is finite.

Miami Pulse

Just a reminder if you in the Miami area, head over to the Miami Pulse art thingy and say hello to the J Levine gallery there.  I dont know the exact details about it, but i figure if your nifty enough to be able to go, you are nifty enough to find out all the info!

You can check out my Prelude's to the HOW WE BEAT NATURE series in there canvasy presence while there!


So, im going to launch my new website thingy in early December, have not had a place that is up to date and covers all my shit for along time! Ill still use this blog but the new site will eventually take over under it news section.


If you want organize 2014 with style, i suggest you grab a 3A 2014 calendar, illustrated by me! It has a limited run as we had to pre-make them etc, its a nice large 17"x23" and will even be signed, again by me if you order from Bambaland before December 10th, it will set you back 50 bucks - that includes shipping anywhere in the world. It will be onsale soon, ill give you a heads up when its about to drop!

Thanks Adelaide

I had a great time in Adelaide SA, thanks to all that came by and chatted at Supanova!

Back to it, art waits for no man!

Yo Adelaide

See ya soon at the Supanova Adelaide this coming weekend! Swing by and grab a free poster and get it signed. yup free and its kinda large too! Double WIN !